University of Warwick UK: Doctoral scholarship 2019-20

Every year the University of Warwick offers this one doctoral scholarship. Chancellor’s International
Scholarship . The target is international candidates, such as Indonesia who are interested in taking
doctoral research (PhD) from all the disciplines available at the University of Warwick. Registration is
open for doctoral scholarships from 201 to 2020 . Applicants can already apply starting August 1 2018.
For those of you who want to study S3 in the UK, this one scholarship opportunity might be a

The University of Warwick provides S3 scholarshipsin the form of full tuition fees. Last year it was given
up to £ 22,860. This number is likely to increase for the 2019/2020 academic year along with inflation. In
addition to the tuition fees, the 2019 University of Warwick doctoral scholarship also provides
maintenance benefits of £ 15,044 for elected candidates. Scholarships can be given up to 3.5 years for
new students or a maximum of 2.5 years for those who have already completed their first year of study
at the University of Warwick. The scholarship extension is conducted every year based on the progress
assessment achieved.


  1. Scholarship applicants must also apply to the PhD program at the University of Warwick for lectures in
    October 2019
  2. Students who are currently enrolled in a PhD or MPhil / PhD program at the University of Warwick
    can only apply for the first year of their registration
  3. Applicants are ‘overseas’ students who need fees, but there are no citizenship criteria
  4. Applicants can come from all disciplines in Warwick

For applicants who are new to the University of Warwick, submission of scholarships can be done by
completing the Joint Postgraduate Admissions online application form. and Scholarship Application
form. If eligible for a scholarship, applicants will be asked if they want to be considered for funding as
part of the application to the university. Please select YES, and you will be invited to complete further
information that forms the basis of your scholarship registration.

Meanwhile, if you are already in your first year of PhD and apply to a university before September ,
2019, but want to be considered for scholarships for the remainder of the study, you can fill out a single
application form for a scholarship ( Single Scholarship Application form ).

After the application form is sent, the university will send an email in the form of a link to upload
supporting documents. After uploading the document, the university will again send an email in the
form of a link addressed to referee to upload references. Please ask your referrer to use the link to
upload their reference or they can also send it in hard copy .

Application documents requested for scholarship applications include copies of academic transcripts
from previous studies and two reference letters. Regarding the registration documents to the university,
can be listened to on the University of Warwick website ( Questions related to
scholarships can be submitted via email: or telephone. +44 (024) 7657

Registration must be done no later than January 18, 2020 and all requested application documents must
be uploaded no later than February 25, 2020 for lectures beginning June 2020.