Scholarship in Japan: for Teacher Training 2020

The opportunity for teacher training scholarships to Japan is re-opened by the Japanese Government

  1. This scholarship is also called the Teacher Training Program . A teacher upgrading program
    specifically designed to improve the quality of teaching in accordance with the field. The scholarship
    itself includes one of the Monbukagakusho Scholarships offered by the Japanese Government. Teachers
    will be given training in how to teach, making teaching and learning plans more effective and attracting
    students, as well as other things that can improve the quality and abilities of teachers.

This 2019 teacher training scholarship to Japan lasts 1 year 6 months and includes non-degree
programs. In the first 6 months, shortlisted candidates will study Japanese starting September or
October 2019. The objectives of this scholarship are elementary, middle, high school, vocational, MA,
and equivalent teachers.

What’s interesting about teacher training scholarships in Japan is that applicants are given a scholarship
without the need for official ties, then airplane tickets are provided for Indonesia – Japan, tuition fees
are fully borne, free of charge for student visas, and 143,000 yen per month (± Rp. 16). million) given
every end of the month during the study period in Japan. In addition, some universities provide
dormitories (fees paid from living allowances provided), and specifically for universities that do not
provide dormitories, universities can help find housing if needed. Interesting right?


  1. Maximum age of 34 years on 1 September 2019 (born on or after 2 April 1984)
  2. Graduates minimum D4 or S1
  3. Teachers (civil servants, private, honorary) who are actively teaching in formal educational institutions
    elementary, junior high, high school and equivalent (Vocational, Madrasah, etc.), as well as SLB
  4. Applicants have taught more than 5 years in formal education institutions on April 1, 2019
  5. All fields are offered except, PKN, Indonesian, Regional Languages, Arabic, Religious Education, and
  6. Physically and mentally healthy (for female applicants not allowed to be pregnant while applying or at
  7. Willing to learn Japanese
  8. Applicants must immediately return to Indonesia and continue their career as a teacher after the
    scholarship program ends.
  9. For applicants who have one of the following conditions / situations, they cannot apply for this
    scholarship program. Please read the following link ( click here –pdf )

Application document:

  1. E-mail print-out online registration confirmation sheet (4 sheets) The
    sheet containing the applicant’s exam number (learn the Registration Procedure section points 2-3).
  2. Application Form 2020 (4 copies) ( Download ) The
    form must be completed in English or Japanese.
    ● Research Plan (4 copies)
    In the “Research Plan” column contained in the “Application Form” (see pages 5 – 6 Application Form),
    the research design is made of at least 150 words in English or at least 300 characters in the language
    Japan. If it is not enough in the available column, please add it to the attachment paper.
    ● Color photos (4 pieces)
    Formal. Plain Lartar. Free background color. Taken in the last 6 months, measuring 3.5cm x 4.5cm or
    3x4cm. Photos attached to the box to attach photos are available on the Registration Form (Application
    Form 2019)
  3. Application Preference Application Form 2020 (4 Sheets) ( Download ) The
    form must be filled in in English or Japanese.
    ● Choose a maximum of 5 universities in the “Course Guide of Teacher Training Program.” ( Download )
  4. Photocopy of transcript of grades (4 copies).
    The score transcript must be in English or Japanese and be legalized or branded as original by the
    applicant’s college. For transcripts of translated results, please legalize or stamp the original wet also by
    the college of applicants on the translation results. Please do not attach a transcript of grades in
  5. Photocopy of the last education diploma (4 copies).
    The diploma must be in English or Japanese and be legalized or branded as original by the applicant’s
    college. For transcripts of translated results, please legalize or stamp the original wet also by the college
    of applicants on the translation results. Please do not attach a transcript of grades in Indonesian.
  6. Certificate of teaching place ( Download sample )
    A letter explaining that applicants are teaching staff who are still actively teaching and are approved to
    join this scholarship program. The letter is accompanied by a statement of teaching period (from what
    date to what date), and legalized / branded by the school. Letters must be in English or Japanese.
    If the teaching period is more than 5 years apart in several schools, also attach a certificate of teaching
    period from the previous school. The letter was legalized / stamped wet by the previous school.
  7. Letter of recommendation from the Principal where to teach now (4 sheets) ( Download )
    The recommendation letter contains personal applicants and is written in English. Free format or use the
    form provided. Signature of recommendation letter must be original and cannot be scanned.
  8. Photocopy of certificate of foreign language proficiency (4 sheets)
    If there is only / if it already has (optional / not required). Notes: 1. Documents are made on A4 size
    paper. If it can’t, please fold it to A4 size 2. The document should not be stapled, do not be bound, do
    not punch it, just clip it so it does not scatter. 3. Documents are made in 4 bundles (1 original bundle **
    and 3 photocopy bundles) arranged in order (points 1 to 8).
    ** what is meant by the original is a photocopy of a diploma, a transcript of value and a statement and
    recommendation that has been legalized or stamped original by the issuing agency.
  9. For the original document the scan results should not be.
  10. Please do not attach a diploma and transcript of the original value.
  11. For certificates of foreign language skills, just attach the copy.
  12. No need to attach other unsolicited documents.
  13. Complete all required documents according to instructions. For documents that do not comply with
    the instructions will not be processed.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Only applicants who meet the requirements can register.
  2. Applicants register online first through the following website:
  3. After registering online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please print-out the e-mail and please
    remember the “Exam Number” you received. If within 5 minutes you do not receive a confirmation e-
    mail, please check the spam box on your e-mail.
  4. Complete the required documents. A list of documents can be seen in the previous description.
  5. All documents that have been completed and arranged in order are inserted into 1 large envelope
    (free size as long as it can load all documents, free type). 6. Files sent or submitted directly to:
    Information and Culture (Education) Section
    of the Japanese Embassy
    Jl. MH Thamrin No. 24. Jakarta 10350
  6. Do not accept documents sent via online motorcycle taxi services.
  7. The file must arrive at the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta no later than 15 JANUARY 2020.
  8. Only applicants with complete documents and received before the deadline will be processed.
    Documents that have been sent to the Japanese Embassy cannot be returned for any reason.

Selection stage:
I. Primary Screening Stage

  1. Document Selection.
    Announcement of the document selection results will be displayed on the website of the Japanese
    Embassy by displaying the applicant’s Examination Number on January 31, 2020. Those who pass the
    document selection will be called to take the written test selection.
  2. Written Examination
    At this stage participants will face English and Japanese tests. Exams are held simultaneously in
    Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, and Makassar
  3. Interview Exams
    For those who pass the written test selection, they will be called to take an interview exam at the
    Japanese Embassy in Jakarta. Transportation and accommodation costs are not borne by the Japanese
    II. Secondary Screening Stage
  4. For those who have passed primary screening, the Japanese Embassy recommends to
    Monbukagakusho / MEXT. File participants will compete with participants from other countries at this
  5. Participants who pass the final selection (secondary screening) in Monbukagakusho / MEXT will
    become scholarship recipients. Announcement of the final selection results will be announced in July

Selection schedule:
Registration Period: December 13, 2019 – January 15 2020
Announcement of Document Selection Results: January 31, 2020
Writing Exam: February 7, 2020*
Announcement of Exam Results Write: February 18 2018 *
Interview Examination: February 25-26 2020
Announcement of Interview Exam Results: March 1, 2020
Final Announcement from MEXT: July 2020
Departure to Japan: September 2020

  • Schedule for examinations can change

Now, for those of you who work as a teacher and want to improve your skills and professionalism, this
2020 teacher training scholarship from the Japanese Government is worth trying.

e : t: (021) 3192-4308