S3 Foreign Affairs Scholarship: Ministry registration 2020

The 5000 Doctoral Scholarship Program launched by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of
Indonesia was opened again for overseas study in 2020. Previously, the Ministry of Religion also opened
domestic S3 scholarships in a number of universities in the country. The target of the S3 Ministry of
Religion scholarship is lecturers and education staff at the Islamic Religious College (PTKI) within the
Ministry of Religion.

With the Ministry of Religion’s overseas S3 scholarship program , candidates can continue doctoral
studies to the best universities in foreign countries.

The Ministry of Religion’s S3 study abroad scholarship consists of two schemes, namely regular
programs and cooperation programs. Regular Program Overseas S3 Study Assistance is an assistance
program that provides the widest opportunity for prospective beneficiaries to continue their doctoral
studies at quality foreign universities. Applicants are given the opportunity to choose their own

Meanwhile, the Study Abroad Study Aid of the Cooperation Program is one form of efforts to accelerate
the sending of educators and education staff to study the PhD at foreign universities that already have
cooperation with the Ministry of Religion.

Partners Colleges and Collaboration Schemes: Cooperation

Programs for Overseas S3 Study Assistance have several schemes, namely:

  1. Special Pathways to PhD (SPL-PhD)
    University of Canberra
    Central Queensland University
  2. MoRA-ATN Research and Innovation Scholarship (MoARIS)
  3. MoRA-McGill Scholarship on Religion and Society
  4. MoRA-Coventry Peace and Social Relations Studies
  5. MoRA-France Scholarship on Applied Science and Technology (SAST)
  6. MoRA-Leiden Scholarship on Religion and Society

Scholarships given by the Ministry of Religion for overseas S3 programs include: 1. Fees for
strengthening foreign and academic languages ​​(Language and Academic Preparation Course) in
Indonesia 2. Cost of living while attending a foreign language and academic strengthening program

  1. IELTS® or TOEFL® exam fees and other language tests according to the language at the destination
    campus held in Indonesia (one time)
  2. Registration fees
    (tuition fees)
  3. Tuition fees 6. Living costs ) during the study (maximum 4 years)
  4. Settlement fees (settlement allowance)
  5. Health insurance
  6. Book allowance for 1-3 years
  7. Return ticket
    costs 11. Visa
    fees 12. Fees family allowance (given starting in the second year for a maximum of 2 years)
  8. Research assistance (one time)
  9. Fees to participate in international conferences as speakers.

General Provisions:
This program is intended for:

  1. Lecturer in Civil Servants at PTKI and Lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Religion at PTU
  2. Educational Personnel of Civil Servants in PTKI
  3. Civil Servants at Echelon I Unit of Ministry of Religion
  4. Lecturers Not Civil Servants in PTKI and at the Faculty of Religion Islam at PTU;
  5. Educational Personnel Are Not Civil Servants in PTKI;

a. Application to participate in the 5000 Doctoral program addressed to the Director General of Islamic
Education, cq. Director of Islamic Religious Higher Education, download the application letter template;
b. Introduction from the Chancellor / Chair of the College / Head of the institution where he is assigned,
download the cover letter template;
c. List of Curriculum Vitae in English;
d. The first SK and the last original SK are legalized (in 1 file);
e. Valid Identity Card (KTP);
f. diplomas and transcripts of S1 and S2 education grades in Indonesian (or the original language of the
document) and English translated by sworn translators. The final education grade point average (GPA) is
at least 3.25 (scale 4.00) or GPA is equivalent to the scale. Documents attached in 1 file;
g. Certificate of foreign language test with a maximum validity period of 2 years since it is issued by an
official institution with the provisions:
The statement is not receiving assistance from the Ministry of Religion or other institutions signed on
stamp, downloading letter templates;
i. Statement of willingness to return to duty and serve the sending university at least twice the study
period (n) plus one year or in the formula (2n + 1), calculated after graduation, download the statement
j. Statement of truth and authenticity of documents, download statement letter;
k. Research plan (proposal) dissertation (maximum 5 pages) in English or other languages ​​used on the
destination campus), download proposal format;
l. Proof of correspondence with prospective supervisors at the study destination, download examples of
correspondence formats;
m. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from destination universities (if any)

Ministry of Religion S3 Scholarship Registration for 2020 Study is conducted online on the
scholarship.kemenag.go.id page.

You can download the template and format of the requested application document first. . Next, please
open the Registration page to create an account. Before you can upload the application documents
requested on special requirements.

Scholarship registration opens from 10 July to 30 December 2019.

There are two stages of selection, namely Phase I selection and Phase II selection. Selection stage I is an
administrative selection where the completeness of documents from the registrant will be reviewed for
their suitability and authenticity. For applicants who have met administrative requirements, they will
enter the stage II selection. At this stage, prospective scholarship recipients will go through tests
consisting of essay writing, interviews, language tests, TPA and psychological tests. For those who
passed the stage II selection (as awardee), they will be included in the Foreign Language and Academic
Preparation program – Language and Academic Preparation (LAP) Program.

T: +62 812 8781 3031
W: scholarship.kemenag.go.id
E: morascholarship@gmail.com