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American Liberty Scholarship: Apply Now

The American Liberty Scholastic Scholarship has important eligibility requirements. Only eligible students may apply for and qualify to win the American Liberty Scholarship. American Liberty Scholarship is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educator and does not discriminate in the selection process for a scholarship winner.

In order to be eligible to apply for the American Liberty Scholarship you must comply with the following requirements:

Every person interested in winning the scholarship who visits the website is required to enter personally identifiable information, which includes name, address, telephone number, GPA, last education level completed, type of degree sought, etc., etc., These answers shall be examined to determine the top ten percent of all applicants in any particular month based upon GPA. For example, if 100 people provide their information at the website in the month of October, and ten of those 100 people state (truthfully) that they have a 3.00 GPA; and the other 90 persons who provided their information in October all stated their GPA’s were less than a 3.00, then the top ten shall be considered the finalists for October. The finalists for each month will be provided an additional application form to complete and return to the American Liberty Scholarship. The applications require more information, verification of information already provided (such as proof that your GPA is really a 3.00); and you will also be required to write an essay.

Each applicant will provide scholastic information about themselves, professional and/or work history and an essay. The Scholarship Review Committee shall examine the applications and review all of the information provided, including a thorough review of the essay. The top 2 applicants each month, as determined by the Scholarship Review Committee, in their sole discretion, shall be placed into the “FINALISTS POOL” and shall be eligible to compete against the finalists from every other month. All finalists in the FINALISTS POOL chosen during the months of December of the year before through November of the current year shall compete for the final Scholarship award.

Each of the two monthly Finalists shall receive a Fifty ($50.00) Dollar Gift Certificate to a National Bookseller which they may use to purchase books and/or materials in the furtherance of their educational endeavors.

ALSO, each of the two monthly Finalists shall receive a CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT acknowledging their success in becoming a finalist in a NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

If you are judged the winner, you could receive $5,000.00 which you may use to help pay for tuition for a college education. American Liberty Scholarship supports college bound students with a $5,000.00 scholastic scholarship which one student will be awarded each year on January 30th of the following year